The Process

At CEGO all shirts are individually cut to your specific measurements and design details. Carl or a trained member of his team will take measurements. A fitting sample will be used which allows you to discuss how you would like your shirt to fit.  

There are two ways shirts are produced:

The first (MTM): most of our shirts are made in our partners firm in New Jersey. Your measurements and details are inputted into a computer and your shirts are cut by a computer-driven knife cutter. Shirts are sew and finished and inspected by a skilled team of craftsmen. There is a two-shirt minimum and shirts start at $150, with the average being $195, depending on fabric selection. The production time is approx. four weeks. Almost any detail is available in this option. Machine made monograms can be added for an additional charge.

The second (Full Custom): an individualized paper pattern is crafted by Vincente, our talented pattern maker, he then cuts each order by hand with shears. Your individual order is then passed on to Mertia, Natalia, or Oswaldo who then sew the entire shirts themselves. Once your shirt is sewn, Vanessa will add buttons and buttonholes; we have a vast assortment of button sizes and shapes available. Evenia will then inspect and hand press your shirt.

There is a five shirt minimum. One of the five shirts is produced as a fitting sample. Adjustments for the fitting sample are used to produce the other four shirts. The fitting sample is normally produced within one week. The balance of the order is normally completed within two weeks after the approval of the fitting sample. All buttons are mother of pearl buttons.

Prices start at $225, with the average being $275, depending on the fabric selection. Details available are almost unlimited. Hand monograms can be added by Maria, including deigns and fonts. Samples can be made in a day for out of town customers with limited time in NYC. 

Shirt minimums can be waived for gift certificates and weddings.